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Siberian Monster Show-Off: Alien-like Vehicle Impresses Local Residents

© Photo : YouTube/Ruptly TVRussia: Bizarre alien-like vehicle roams around Biysk
Russia: Bizarre alien-like vehicle roams around Biysk - Sputnik International
Russian engineer Igor Sukhorukov has shown off his unusual customized cross-country vehicle designed to jee around hardly accessible Siberian terrain: as maneuverable as it is, its looks are still quite alien-like.

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The vehicle’s imposing wheels is the first thing that attracts attention. They raise the vehicle’s aerodynamic body far above the traffic. The car’s body is surrounded by a protective cage.

"The idea came long ago, in my childhood days when I wanted to travel around to different places for fishing, hunting. And there was nothing appropriate to drive," the creator Igor Sukhorukov said in an interview with Russia’s video news agency Ruptly.

The engineer says that the vehicle’s working name is Nissan Maxima, short Maximka. It also has an abbreviation: S, I, V, it can be deciphered differently, as freedom and will. But actually these are his initials.

The developer also added that as tourism is developing in Altai Region, part of Russia’s Siberia, his vehicle might be particularly useful in reaching beautiful places, where it would be great to take tourists.

Nevertheless, there are many people interested in having their picture taken with the vehicle.

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