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Turkish Poet: ‘Downing of Russia’s Su-24 Most Tragic Political Event’

© Photo : Vadim Savitsky / Russian Defense Ministry / Go to the mediabankThe body of the pilot of Russia's Su-24 bomber that was shot down by Turkey last week has arrived at the Chkalovsky Airport near Moscow
The body of the pilot of Russia's Su-24 bomber that was shot down by Turkey last week has arrived at the Chkalovsky Airport near Moscow - Sputnik International
Hüseyin Haydar, a famous Turkish poet, author of the poem ‘An apology to the great Russian people’ spoke to Sputnik regarding his views on the current political situation in Turkey and relations with Russia after the downing of Su-24.

Portraits of lieutenant colonel Oleg Peshkov and mariner Alexander Pozynich, who were killed in Syria - Sputnik International
Turkish Poet Apologizes to Russians for Erdogan’s Actions
Haydar spoke about how according to him the downing of the Russian Su-24 aircraft by Turkish forces was one of the most tragic incidents in history.

“This incident was an event that goes beyond the political field, the unexpected, tragic and contrary to the current trends. It became one of the most tragic events in the world’s political history. Over time it will become clear to everyone. Once again, I kneel in front of Oleg Peshkov’s mother and ask for her forgiveness,” Haydar said.

The poet stressed that the incident with the downed aircraft overshadowed close family relations between the fraternal people of Russia and Turkey.

“When Mustafa Kemal in 1921, during the national liberation war was preparing for battle at Dumlupinar, Russians helped us with weapons and money. The weapons then came to the İnebolu port. So, to bring down the Russian aircraft is equivalent to sinking a ship which is coming with aid and to kill the whole crew of the ship,” Haydar said.

According to the poet the stanza which says, “all the damned villains will be judged” indicates the presence of a deep, serious problem, which affects the domestic and foreign policy of Turkey and the country's position in the world.

The poet further told Sputnik, “Look at the US military bases in Turkey. What are they doing there? By their actions they are harming the Turkish people. Saudi Arabia’s aircraft come and use the territory of these bases. Why do they come? All these actions do not correspond with the interests of Turkey as it is only using it as a springboard for its own purposes.”

He spoke about how Russia on the other hand, is fighting against international terrorism and is making serious progress in this struggle.

“From this perspective, Russian pilots are carrying out tasks in the course of anti-terrorist operations for the benefit of Turkey. It is possible to continue the debate about whether there was a violation by the plane, but this question is not that crucial.”

“There was no willful misconduct on part of Russia. As you know, today in the airspace of the Aegean region dozens of violations occur every single day. In the case of the Russian plane it is most likely a deliberate attack by the Turkish Air Force. Unfortunately, we were unable to prevent this provocation.”

Hüseyin Haydar, was supported by members of the Union of Turkish Youth. They prepared a video in which the poet read the poem in the heart of Istanbul at Taksim Square.

General Secretary of the Union, Sinan Sungur, in his interview with Sputnik said that the members of the Union fully share feelings and thoughts that the author tried to convey in his poem.

“The work of the poet demonstrates the difference in attitude towards Russia and the Russian people by the patriotic Turkish people and government. In the poem the prospects of Turkish-Russian relations in the future are emphasized. In the region we have a common future with Russia. We have common enemies, against whom we have to support each other.”

Talking about the particular stanza of the poem, which states, “… In the name of an independent Turkey and Eurasia in poems and songs…I pray for forgiveness.” The General Secretary said that this demonstrates a common task for the future.

“We need to continue joint struggle against the imperialist forces for an independent, stable future. We fully share the deep sense of sorrow that the poet expressed in speaking of the deceased Russian pilots,” Sungur said.

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