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‘Apocalypse Car’: Russia Unveils Badass Go-Anywhere Off-Roader (VIDEO)

© Photo : Youtube/Alex RudoiRussian Off-Roader Sherp
Russian Off-Roader Sherp - Sputnik International
A buoyant off-roader with huge self-inflating tires, designed by St. Petersburg-based mechanic Alexei Garagashyan, has created a big buzz in Western media, the Defense Ministry’s Zvezda TV reported.

Ruslan All-Terrain-Vehicle - Sputnik International
Science & Tech
New Russian All-Terrain Vehicle Can Drive Over Toughest Roads (VIDEO)
Already dubbed as “an ideal vehicle for the apocalypse,” the Sherp stubbornly refused to flip over no matter how hard its makers tried by driving it up steep hillsides, into a marsh or speeding across the bumpy tundra.

The Sherp’s greatest strength is that it’s virtually unsinkable thanks to its huge self-inflating tires, each a whopping 1.6 meters across, filled with 800 liters of exhaust gases, and a unique tread, which ensures a very comfortable 6 kilometers per hour in floating mode.

Placed on solid ground, this go-anywhere vehicle, a mix between a truck and an all-terrain vehicle, can move at speeds of up to 50 km/h with its pneumatic undercarriage ensuring a smooth ride even over logs and rocks.

“Our primary goal was to ensure maximum cross-country capability. I believe that this is where this machine is second to none,” Alexei Garagashyan said.

The Sherp ATV is the prototype of mass-production off-roaders with hipper cabins and other user-friendly bells and whistles.

Russian ATVs have made a big splash with Britain’s most popular auto show naming them the very best money can buy.

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