US Prompt Global Strike ‘Very Dangerous’ for Strategic Stability

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A US Army Lance missile is launched - Sputnik International
Russian NATO envoy Alexander Grushko said that the United States’ efforts to deliver a precision-guided weapon anywhere in the world within an hour, Prompt Global Strike, poses a threat to the arithmetic of strategic stability.

U.S. Army’s Hypersonic Weapon - Sputnik International
Moscow Slams Washington Over Development of 'Prompt Global Strike' System
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The United States’ efforts to deliver a precision-guided weapon anywhere in the world within an hour, Prompt Global Strike (PGS), poses a threat to the arithmetic of strategic stability, Russian NATO envoy Alexander Grushko said in an interview with US media published Sunday.

"We should add issues like prompt global strike. This is very dangerous development in military terms for strategic stability," Grushko told The Wall Street Journal.

Grushko said Moscow had a number of concerns with NATO, including a missile defense system planned to be deployed in Europe and the weaponization of space.

Both the United States and Russia have research and development aimed at the eventual deployment of long-range boost-glide weapons and hypersonic missiles capable of reaching any target in the world in less than an hour.

Russia has raised concerns over the US PGS system, which it says could threaten Russia’s strategic deterrent. The United States has also voiced comparable concerns over Russia’s arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons, arguing it threatens strategic balance.

In September 2014, the Russian Defense Ministry said it was working on prompt global strike capabilities. Both the US and Russian programs are still under development and are not expected to be deployable for at least another decade.

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