Merkel's 'Lack of Foresight' Ready to Cost the Teflon Chancellor Her Job

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Angela Merkel's success was down to her populist politics and way of communicating, but a lack of foresight has proved her undoing, economist Reinhard Crusius wrote in German Economic News.

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Angela Merkel has followed a neoliberal economic path and displayed political populism, but a lack of foresight has led her to lose hard-won popularity, economist Reinhard Crusius wrote in German Economic News (DWN) on Saturday.

"Now somebody else has to solve all the problems that she has landed her country in," Crusius wrote about the chancellor, who was first elected in 2005 and was reelected for a second time in 2013.

"Most often the concept 'Teflon chancellor' has been used to describe the phenomenon that nothing negative sticks to her. She is popular no matter what her ministers do (prime examples are her mistakes in appointing current transport minister Dobrindt, former economic minister Rosler or former defense minister zu Guttenberg)."

"This naturally has a lot to do with her political style, in which she only speaks up when the time is right and with non-committal but catchy statements for everyone and everything."

"There is always a nod. Wiretapping scandal? It is not acceptable to bug friends. She's right – again. Does anyone know of a political consequence to this statement?" Crusius asks, highlighting Merkel's almost "uncritical allegiance to the US" and big business as further example of unwillingness to rock the boat.

"There are many serious things which she says nothing about, at least nothing at first, for example during the Volkswagen scandal. Ironically, the press is always late to notice, 'Now at last the chancellor should say something.'"

'Chancellor without ​foresight: Angela Merkel take Europe to the wall,' Reinhard Crusius' article was published in DWN.

"Like no other politician she is a master of good words that allay the concerns of the press or public, soothes emotions or acknowledges them (a prime example was her recent New Year's address). The word is too often the fact, and nobody asks again later." 

The negotiations with Greece that gave the Eurozone a reprieve revealed the chancellor to be a neoliberal and "merciless populist … depending on opinion polls or her distinctive instinct to signal which way to go."

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Crusius complained that Merkel is guilty of a lack of foresight, since signs of Europe's problem with refugees and migration have been visible since at least 2013, when boatloads of migrants were regularly arriving on the Italian island of Lampedusa.

"Even worse are the mantras to 'address the causes.' Up to now there is no sustained help for the explosive situation in the refugee camps — the first thing that Merkel and Schauble should have done last spring, at the latest together with Merkel's Budapest decision."

In addition, Crusius charges Merkel and her CDU party with doing "nothing in recent years to solve the problem of refugees and integration," and refusing to pass a law to allow the integration of migrants who arrived in Germany in the 1950s and 1960s.

"In 40 years only the Schroeder government took steps to solve the citizenship question and humanize the situation," Crusius wrote.

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