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Arguing Against Data Encryption 'Waste of Time’ - US Cyber Command

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Data encryption - Sputnik International
Encryption has become a new normal in the transfer of data and communications and attempts to get rid of the technology are ill-advised, US Cyber Command (CYBERCOM) Commander and National Security Agency (NSA) Director Admiral Michael Rogers said on Thursday.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Some US officials have proposed blocking the sale of encryption tools and applications, arguing the tools effectively block law enforcement and intelligence agencies from accessing or retrieving data. Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey has repeatedly warned about the threat of terrorists “going dark,” or using encryption to avoid detection.

“Encryption is foundational to the future. So spending time arguing about key, encryption is bad and we ought to do away with it that is a waste of time to me,” Rogers said in a speech at the Atlantic Council.

A new report from the United Nations recognizes what may soon be a fundamental truth: data encryption is an essential human right. - Sputnik International
Networking Giant Abandons NSA-Developed Firewall Code

Rogers explained that rather than preventing data encryption, official must adapt to the challenges it poses and how to meet “legitimate concerns from multiple perspectives.”

However, Rogers did not address the subject of security backdoors, a popular request among the intelligence and law enforcement communities that allows IT providers to break encryption and retrieve secure data for criminal or national security investigations.

Different IT market analyses have estimated the global consumer base for encryption tools could grow to between $2 and $4 billion by 2020. Companies like Apple already provide end to end encryption for all new models of the iPhone.

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