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Back to Nazi Regime? Austrian Bar Bans Refugees From Entry

After an Austrian bar announced that it was "free of refugees," with people expressing their outrage on social networks, claiming that such measures reminds them of the Nazi regime.

A car drives on an empty bridge crossing the border river Inn at the German-Austrian frontier between Braunau and Simbach am Inn near Passau, Germany at dawn November 1, 2015. - Sputnik International
Austria Borders on Rebellion Over Refugee Crisis
A local bar in the small town of Bad Ischl, Austria, has banned asylum seekers from entry and has caused outrage among the local population, media reported.

The bar announced its rules on social networks with the phrase "We are now again free of refugees."

​The bar staff complained about alleged sexual assaults by asylum seekers similar to those during New Year's Eve at Germany's Cologne Central Station. As the police had done nothing to prevent such attacks in the future, the bar decided to introduce a two euro entrance fee on weekends as well as ban asylum seekers from entry.

The move has caused outrage among many Internet users who claimed that such measures reminded them of the Nazi regime. Moreover, people accused the bar owners of using the Cologne attacks as an excuse to earn more money.

​Open racism or stupidity?

Maybe also  "free of gays" or "free of Jews"? Sorry, but this is just mean and vile.

On December 31, numerous women in Cologne were robbed, threatened and sexually assaulted by small groups of aggressive men, allegedly of Arab and North African origin.

The German police registered a total of 561 complaints so far. Following the attacks, German authorities announced plans to ease deportation procedures for migrants who have committed crimes.

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