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The Tragic Tale of the Rubber Bandits: Condom Machine Caper Leaves One Dead

© Flickr / robertelyovAn attempted Christmas Day condom caper ended in tragedy.
An attempted Christmas Day condom caper ended in tragedy. - Sputnik International
An attempted Christmas Day condom caper ended in tragedy.

In the German town of Schoeppingen, close to the Dutch border, three men spent Christmas Day executing a daring heist. Forget banks. Forget art museums. Desperate for cash, the trio – whom we’ll call the Rubber Bandits – went after the real money, breaking into a rural, coin-operated condom dispenser.

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The Best Way to Defeat Russian Airstrikes: Blow 'Em Up With... Condoms?

After attaching a homemade explosive device to the machine, the Rubber Bandits took shelter in their vehicle. Unfortunately, one of the would-be robbers didn’t make it to the car in time. The 29-year-old was struck in the head with a metal shard from the exploding condom machine.

Unconscious, he was rushed to the hospital by the unscathed members of his team. They initially claimed that their injured friend had fallen down a flight of stairs, but later admitted to blowing up the condom dispenser.

The 29-year-old died in the hospital.

Police at the scene of the crime described the grass littered with condoms and money, none of which was taken by the robbers. It’s back to the drawing board for the surviving members of the Rubber Bandits.

On the plus side of the unfortunate affair is that Trojan’s marketing team can point to the power and strength of their condoms. Their armor can really take a hit!

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