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Colonialism Never Ended

Colonialism Never Ended
We think of colonialism as being something that ended in the 20th century, concerning African and Asian countries. We do not think that a country like Canada, which was decolonialised in the 19th century, continues to govern its own native peoples in a colonial way.

This is the point of view of Dr Daniel Rück, Assistant Professor at the Department of History, in the Institute of Canadian & Aboriginal Studies of the University of Ottawa. His point is that the process of colonialism of indigenous peoples of Canada has continued though institutionalisation. Now Canadians do not think about the fact that much of their wealth actually originates in exploitation of land and resources, which were never theirs.

Canada is not alone in this respect. Australia, New Zealand and the US repeat the model, but that is not all. We have managed to implement a international system whereby these countries as well as Western European nations have joined together and normalised international financial systems which, since the end of the WWII support financial colonialism through globalisation and money lending. To all intense and purposes the present international financial order prevents ex-colonies from ever catching up with their first world previous owners.

Be this as it may, the idea of reparation of the descendants of slaves and to whole countries whose resources were gouged out has crept in again in the press. The trouble is, whenever such a discourse begins, a war or some other major serious distractions begin which take our attention away from these issues for years or decades. Repatriations are, in the opinion of the host of this programme, impossible. Being aware of present day colonisation is possible. Listen to this programme.

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