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Hillary Clinton Wants Silicon Valley to Fight ISIL

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US Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton - Sputnik International
On Sunday, democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton called on Silicon Valley companies to “disrupt ISIS.”

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The former first lady stated that the terrorist organization uses websites, chats, and social media to recruit and plan, and emphasized that they are “fueled by the internet.”

“It’s time for an urgent dialogue between the government, not just our government, and the high-tech community, to confront this problem together,” Clinton continued.

While her call may sound silly, what Clinton was likely hinting at was the war between tech companies and the government over encryption. What Clinton wants is for tech companies to give the FBI a workaround to access encrypted data.

Last month, Clinton called for Silicon Valley to cooperate with the government, stating “we need Silicon Valley not to view government as its adversary.”

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Tech companies have been fighting giving up encryption as most believe in the importance of privacy. By leaving holes for the government to get in, it also leaves them vulnerable to hackers and spies, Gizmodo explained.

What Clinton really meant by calling for tech companies to “disrupt ISIS,” was for these companies to leave openings in encryption so that the government can meddle around.

Gizmodo noted that these statements likely mean that a Clinton Administration would lbe as “pigheaded” about privacy as its predecessors.

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