West Replaces Distrust With Russian Support Over Syrian Conflict

© Sputnik / Mikhail Voskresenskiy / Go to the photo bankJobar, a Damascus district controlled by terrorists
Jobar, a Damascus district controlled by terrorists - Sputnik International
Although the West opposed Russia’s operation in Syria from its very beginning, it’s becoming clear now that Moscow has stuck the right line regarding Syrian conflict. And it is high time for Western politicians to start collaborating with Russia, a former UK Ambassador to Russia claimed.

The emerging situation in the world indicates the West is ready to start moving towards Russia, Tony Brenton told in an interview to RT.

He pointed out that idea of suspension of relations with Russia in the West was caused by the Ukraine crisis. 

“We’ve demonstrated our discontent. Now and I’d rather hope that over time we’ll begin to move back to more normal relationship,” Brenton said.

US troops - Sputnik International
US Troops in Syria: 'Aim to Sabotage Russia Rather Than Fight ISIL'
“I think over time it’s become clearer that we have strong shared interest with Russia. And quite prominent figures here in the United States – Henry Kissinger and Jimmy Carter, for example – both’ve written encouraging the US to cooperate with Russia on this,” Brenton highlighted.

From day one of the conflict the Western countries were against Bashar al Assad staying in power, but now they agree he should resign within a determined period of time and it means that relative progress has been done in this regard, Brenton added.

“[W]e also agree with Russia that we don’t want Assad go in the way, which leaves us in a total mess and Islamist takeover. So there is a lot of common ground there.”

President Vladimir Putin meets with President of Syria Bashar al-Assad - Sputnik International
Assad Staying in Power Not Matter of Principle for Moscow
To resolve the Syrian conflict, the diplomat continued, “Russia, the US — the West, countries in the region — Turkey, Syria Iran [have] to get together and [have] to encourage a process of political transition in Syria.” And Assad in his opinion is an essential actor in this procedure, as he represents the current state government. But in the end, he should step out from power, according to former ambassador.

In the West for a long time many cherished illusions that there are some moderate forces which could lead the way in the country once Assad was ousted. However, it’s become obvious ISIL has a very strong influence in the region.

According to Brenton, so-called “moderate” rebels include Free Syrian Army, which remain linked to extremist groups like ISIL and al-Nusra Front,  a subdivision of al-Qaeda. And it would be difficult to figure out, which of them are “good guys,” deserving to rule the country during the transition period.

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