Syrian Ground Campaign: Pentagon Pushing Americans Toward Another Vietnam

© Flickr / gregwest98The Pentagon has published its massive book of rules for war, and one of them is that some journalists may be considered "unprivileged belligerents," essentially a new euphemism for someone whose rights need not be respected.
The Pentagon has published its massive book of rules for war, and one of them is that some journalists may be considered unprivileged belligerents, essentially a new euphemism for someone whose rights need not be respected. - Sputnik International
Washington is about to revive 'another Vietnam,' US political analyst Phil Butler warns, commenting on President Obama's recent decision to deploy American "boots on the ground" in Syria.

US President Obama's recent decision to send a limited contingent of American troops to Syria has received support from American neocons and the Pentagon war hawks.

"The people of the United States are becoming nearly as fed up as the rest of the world with America's horribly ineffective 'peacekeeping' actions globally. The situation in Syria is a black eye and a bloody nose for all Americans, for a citizenry to have allowed policy to have become business," political analyst and expert on Eastern Europe Phil Butler notes in his recent article for New Eastern Outlook.

US marines - Sputnik International
Boots on the Ground: What Are Real Objectives of US Special Ops in Syria?
However, "it is apparent now, the think tanks and the Pentagon want to play more mind games with people's lives. Obama is posturing to put US Special Forces in, but not for the reasons you might think," the political analyst pointed out.

Citing Dutch political analyst Holger Eekhof, Butler suggested that the Special Forces primary objective will be to "extract key jihadist operatives and assets" from the Syrian war zone "so that they may be useful for future projects in the region."

According to Butler, embedded with the Kurds in the North and East of Iraq, the groups can easily make incursions to save "moderate" terrorist assets.

"The implication is clear, and so is the dual purpose of this latest 'Obama mission objective' — erased all evidence of CIA and American asset manipulation, and insert Americans under the guns of the Russians to ensure it works," the US expert pointed out.

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Unwelcome Guests: US Military Has No Legal Mandate to Act in Syria
It seems that for the last year the Pentagon along with the US-led coalition have been providing ISIL with air cover rather than bombing its key positions. Russia's operation in Syria has indicated that it was possible to reduce or even eradicate the terror threat within several months.

"Looking at the utter destruction Russian air forces are heaping on jihadists and the ISIL terrorists in the last couple of weeks, it's evidence enough Western military forces were spending $10 million a day bombing ant hills in the deserts out there," the political analyst emphasized.

The US Department of Defense recently announced it is pursuing a strategy that Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter called the "three R's" — Raqqa, Ramadi and Raids.

Needless to say, the Pentagon is still unwilling to cooperate with Russia.

"To be clear, we are not cooperating with Russia, and we are not letting Russia impact the pace or scope of our campaign against ISIL in Iraq and Syria," Carter said as quoted by US Central Command's official website.

Although Washington and Moscow recently signed the US-Russia air safety deal over Syria, the Defense Secretary underscored that it continues to support the so-called "moderate" Syrian rebels "along with other commitments to friends and allies in the region."

"The subheading [of US Central Command report] "Russia Won't Impact Counter-ISIL Campaign" lets the reader know for sure, impacting Russia's effective campaign is EXACTLY the purpose of the Pentagon's plan," Butler remarked commenting on the issue.

But this is only the beginning, the US analyst hinted, adding that American senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain are openly calling for all out confrontation with Russian forces in Syria.

"South Carolina's [Lindsey] Graham, his lunatic friend John McCain, and other caricature corporate puppets out of Dr. Strangelove, they're going to get a lot more people killed… The whole affair reeks of pre-escalated Vietnam, and mark my words this is where things are headed… The bottom line for now is, this Washington play should not be allowed to stand," Phil Butler stressed.

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