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US Air Marshals Face Probe for Filming Sex with Prostitute While on the Job

© AP Photo / Felipe DanaUS Air Marshals Face Probe for Filming Sex with Prostitute While on the Job
US Air Marshals Face Probe for Filming Sex with Prostitute While on the Job - Sputnik International
Three federal air marshals are under investigation stemming from allegations that they used their government-issued phones to make racy videos with sex workers.

TSA search - Sputnik International
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The incidents took place while the marshals were on assignment in Europe, and the issue was raised during a House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing on personnel failures within the Federal Air Marshal Service on Thursday afternoon.

The TSA employees in question are based in Chicago; one has resigned and two have been placed on indefinite suspension without pay as the investigation continues.

“TSA demands the highest standards of integrity and professionalism from its employees,” TSA spokesman Mike England told the Intercept. “When criminal behavior or misconduct is substantiated, TSA holds its employees appropriately accountable.” 

“This is an ongoing investigation and it would not be appropriate to discuss the specifics of these allegations.”

A TSA officer searches a passenger at a security check-point. - Sputnik International
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The hearing on Thursday also addressed alcohol abuse by air marshals; a federal air marshal service director who retired in 2014 amid an investigation into an operation he allegedly ran to acquire guns for other officials’ personal use; and federal air marshals assigned to protect commercial flights being pulled from assigned flights to go out for sexual encounters.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz still praised the agency for dealing with the sexual misconduct allegations swiftly and properly.

“These employees must be held accountable, and I know they will be,” Representative Elijah Cummings commented on the sex worker scandal at the hearing.

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