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New Border Control Laws Allow Hungary to Improve Int'l Image - Lawmaker

© AP Photo / Muhammed MuheisenHungarian army officers stand at the Serbian-Hungarian border as a Syrian refugee women crosses, near Roszke, southern Hungary, Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015
Hungarian army officers stand at the Serbian-Hungarian border as a Syrian refugee women crosses, near Roszke, southern Hungary, Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015 - Sputnik International
Hungary’s enforcement of border control laws allows the country to improve its international standing, a senior lawmaker from the country's ruling Fidesz party said Wednesday.

Syrian refugees and migrants along a railway line as they try to cross from Serbia into Hungary near Horgos on September 1, 2015 - Sputnik International
Refugees Enter Croatia via Serbia, as Hungary Tightens Border Control
BUDAPEST (Sputnik) – Hungary deployed around 9,000 soldiers to its southern border with Serbia and instituted three-year prison terms for illegal border crossings earlier this week amid an overwhelming flow of refugees entering European states from conflict-hit Middle East and Africa.

"This situation gives the possibility to Hungary to improve the country's image abroad," Gergely Gulyas said at a briefing.

The Hungarian government designated Serbia as one of its "safe countries of origin," alongside other former Yugoslav states, in July. The country's amended Asylum Act says those who enter Hungary through what they term a "safe" country will be denied asylum.

Gulyas reaffirmed Budapest’s strict adherence to the new legislation.

Migrants gesture at a collection point in the village of Roszke, Hungary, September 7, 2015. - Sputnik International
Hungary's Party Calls for Declaration of Emergency Situation Nationwide
"The fact is that these people have no free choice of state of being… If these migrants haven't submitted anything in Serbia, they are not welcome and they have no right to stay in Hungary," he stressed.

Local media reports emerged late Tuesday that refugees passing through Serbia had begun moving toward Croatia.

US Vice President Joe Biden said earlier Washington would consider additional aid in support of Serbia’s "steadfast efforts to cope with an unprecedented refugee and migration crisis."

Hungarian Army Unable to Operate on Border Without Legal Amendment

"Army forces cannot be involved in the protection of the border until the amendment to the law is passed… We hope that this amendment will be adopted on Monday," Gulyas told reporters.

He argued there was "no obstacle" for troop presence at the border and stressed that soldiers would not be allowed to use weapons.

Migrants pass under a highway security fence as they try to find a new way to enter Hungary after Hungarian police sealed the border with Serbia near the village of Horgos, Serbia, September 14, 2015 - Sputnik International
Hungary Announces State of Emergency in Two Regions Over Refugee Influx
The mayor of the border town of Asotthalom told Sputnik in a recent interview that soldiers on the border are "primarily engaged in the construction of the fence," as opposed to guard duties.

A strict border control package of laws came into force at 22:00 GMT Monday as Hungary documented over 190,000 migrants crossing into the country this year. New crisis legislation from Budapest imposes strict prison sentences for illegal border crossing and damage, including destroying border fences, to state property.

Police intercepted 366 migrants on Tuesday, one day after having rounded up a record-setting 9,380 people in a single day.

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