EU’s Dependency on US Created Series of Crises in Europe – US Expert

By failing to effectively deal with the Ukrainian crises, the Greek debt and thousands of African and Middle Eastern migrants storming the shores of Europe, the indecisiveness of European leaders brought the continent to a “paralysis,” US security expert Andrew Michta wrote for the American Interest magazine.

As Europe is facing a number of serious problems, its elites seem exhausted and unable to find any solid working solutions, other than a temporary band aid that already proved unsuccessful, Michta said.

Europe's dependency on the United States has backfired. For a long time now, Washington has been dealing with European issues, making decisions on behalf of the Europeans. Naturally, under such a regime Europeans forgot how to hold their own and make important decisions, Michta said.

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Instead of stepping up and dealing with the problems like a true European leader, Germany, for example, has shelled itself away, the US political scientist said.

"Germany, in particular, increasingly looks like a dimming star in the European firmament in terms of leadership," the political scholar said.

While the pressure was building up along Europe's southern and eastern borders for some time, requiring bold strategic moves to ensure the continent's well-being, Germany sat back. Now it's time for a payback, Michta said.

Some French politicians said they already lost confidence in the European Union and under the current circumstances it is only a matter of time before both France and Germany exit from the Eurozone. The snowball effect has started.

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