After US 'Leaves Ukraine to Collapse', Russia Will Provide Help

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Maidan Square in Kiev, Ukraine - Sputnik International
The US will distance itself from involvement into Ukraine’s domestic affairs, and when Ukraine collapses Russia will be the country which could help it, Czech security analyst and former BIS agent Ian Schneider said in an interview with Parlamentní

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"Washington would gradually leave Ukraine because it would not be able to gain any strategic advantages over Russia," he said. "The US would try to escape direct responsibility. This is why it would stay in shadows when Ukraine finally collapses."

Speaking on the ongoing political and economic crises, the analyst underscored that the situation would change when Ukrainians realize that the West has broken its promises to help their country.

However, as he noted, the ongoing financial crisis poses a threat for Ukraine to be literally sold to foreign creditors.

"I believe that finally Russia would have to deal with Ukraine’s problems," the analyst hypothesized. "Russia would have perfect chance to build improved long-terms relations with Ukraine, but only if Ukraine shows enough respect for that support."

However, Schneider warned he had a number of fears about the current developments in Ukraine, particularly the rise of far-radical groups and movements.

"I see that Right Sector [Ukrainian nationalist movement] members have significantly integrated in Ukrainian law enforcement and security agencies, a fact totally ignore by Western media. In fact, Right Sector has a potential to stage another coup. In addition, there are some other armed groups active across Ukraine, and oligarchs can use them to achieve their own goals," he pointed out.

A positive signal came when Washington refused to fund the Azov battalion which consists of neo-Nazis, the expert said. More so, Ukrainian security agencies are taking measures against armed nationalists.

"However, the situation is far from being optimistic. Ukraine will have to face those bellicose extremist forces in the near future," Schneider claimed.
Commenting on the ongoing mobilization campaign in Ukraine and the recent NATO activity, the expert believes them to be rather a signal of panic and despair than a coming war in Europe.

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"It’s just a normal conduct for military alliances to prepare for war. And NATO’s fears over Russia only reflects the narrow-minded approach of some commanders," the analyst said.

There are two reasons behind Ukraine brandishing its arms, he explained. The first is that Kiev understands that it is losing support from the West, and is trying to restore its ties.

"The other one is that Poroshenko is now surrounded by extremist groups he cannot tame or control. […] Kiev needs a capable army to protect itself from those militants," the analyst said.

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