Scottish Government Firms on Its Anti-GMO Position

Scottish Government Firms on Its Anti-GMO Position
New EU legislation has made it possible for member-states or parts of member states to relax their stance on GMO cultivation. This has led to some areas such as England gleefully embarking upon the GMO cultivation road, whilst other devolved areas, such as Scotland reiterating their anti-GMO position.

The diversity of opinion, and the fact that we, the general public are engaged in it, is encouraging, even if the results of such debate may be disappointing…

Anne Glover, professor of microbiology at Aberdeen University and a former chief scientific adviser to the Scottish government and Mike Small, editor of the online magazine Bella Caledonia and a Guardian columnist discuss the situation in Scotland, in this programme. Of possible interest to listeners is the heated discussion these two experts hold as regards GMO cultivation itself.

Other key issues discussed include the situation that Scotland will find itself in as regards GMO cultivation if and when the UK joins TTIP, and also if the UK leaves the EU. The authority that the government in Scotland holds over agricultural policy may of interest to listeners who do not understand just how much power the Scottish government already holds.

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