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Did You Enjoy the Patdown? Yelp is Now Allowing Reviews of the TSA

© AP Photo / Elaine ThompsonA TSA officer searches a passenger at a security check-point.
A TSA officer searches a passenger at a security check-point. - Sputnik International
Want to let the TSA know about the quality of your possibly-rights-violating patdown? Thank to Yelp, now you can- and the agency can even respond back to your reviews.

TSA agent checks traveler's baggage. - Sputnik International
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Not only can you rate and leave a comment about your experience, a new feature from the social media app will now allow the TSA to respond- if they feel so inclined.

It isn’t just the TSA up for review on the site, you can also leave reviews about your experiences with other agencies such as the Social Security Administration, national parks, the Department of Motor Vehicles and every other government service you can think of.

"As this agreement is fully implemented in the weeks and months ahead, we're excited to help the federal government more directly interact with and respond to the needs of citizens and to further empower the millions of Americans who use Yelp every day," Yelp wrote in its blog post about the new deal.

So far only two airports are participating in the TSA review system on Yelp, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Long Beach Airport (LGB).

Comments range from extremely pleased to extremely dissatisfied, and they currently have two stars with 71 reviews.

One user named Nicole B. wrote about her experience while trying to fly with a vibrator.

TSA search - Sputnik International
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“I have never felt so violated in my entire life. He had no right to do what he did. I wasn't asking to be sexually harassed because I had a vibrator in my bag. I understand needing to see what it is, but to hold it to your face and practically sniff it? Out of line and completely violating.” Nicole B. wrote with her one star rating.

Another user named Matthew S. opted to give the agency 5 stars, writing, “My plane has never been bombed or hijacked.  I have never died from an aggressive or psychotic or extremist individual with a weapon while flying from LAX.”

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