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'Kremlin Trolls' Exist Purely in Pentagon Troll's 'Delirious Imagination'

© REUTERS / Kacper Pempel/Files A man types on a computer keyboard
A man types on a computer keyboard - Sputnik International
Although the Western media loves to discuss so-called Kremlin trolls, enthusiastic advocates of Moscow's will cherry-picked by none other than Vladimir Putin himself, they are nothing more than a phantom of the Pentagon trolls' "delirious imagination," Contra Magazine says.

Apparently, almost anyone can count as a Kremlin troll in the imaginary world painted by the Western media. Those who challenge the dominant Western narrative or offer a differing point of view and provide facts to support it are definitely part of the mix, the Austrian media outlet noted.

National Security Bureau's Headquarters, Warsaw - Sputnik International
'Kind Trolls' and Other Weapons in Poland's Information War With Russia
Not surprisingly, a list of Twitter users branded as top Kremlin trolls has been circulating on the Internet and Russian media outlets, including RT and Sputnik International, are on it.

Contra Magazine argues that those, who are able to think for themselves and don't buy the "stupid baiting of Russia," have many reasons to follow these accounts. For instance, they offer a worldview different from the one expressed by the Western media.

The Ukrainian crisis makes a great case in point.

If mainstream Western media is to be trusted (and there is no reason it should be), the Ukrainian civil war is an epic battle of good and evil. "Satan Putin and his demonic legions failed to achieve global dominance and establish an everlasting kingdom of horror due to the last minute involvement of Jesus Obama and his Heavenly hosts," Contra Magazine observed, mimicking typical Western reports.

© SputnikOne For The Money, Two For The Show
One For The Money, Two For The Show - Sputnik International
One For The Money, Two For The Show

A TV journalist prepares to do a piece to camera in front of an armoured personnel carrier (APC) on the frontline between Ukrainian forces and independent supporters near the eastern Ukrainian city of Debaltseve, in the Donetsk region - Sputnik International
Popularity of Alternative News Coverage Growing in West – 'Our Russia' CEO
In addition, half of the Russian Army equipped with the most advanced weaponry is allegedly fighting in Donbass, the Western media tirelessly claims, although Moscow is not a party to the Ukrainian conflict.

Not only are mainstream Western media outlets making stories like these ones up, they refuse to cover newsworthy events that matter. They fail to properly cover the transporting of heavy American armaments across Europe, the website pointed out. Ukrainian soldiers making a Nazi salute or brandishing swastikas get little attention as well. Yet these missing pieces of the large puzzle are essential to form an unbiased and comprehensive worldview.

The aforementioned list of Twitter users will also help those interested to learn more about Russia, Contra Magazine added. They provide plenty of information on the "vast and wonderful country, as well as its nice and proud people" offering a glimpse into the mysterious Russian soul.

This is especially vital "taking into account endless brainwashing with dubious American ideology," the media outlet stated.

© SputnikHow much Europeans trust the leading media in their coverage of the Ukraine crisis
How much Europeans trust the leading media in their coverage of the Ukraine crisis - Sputnik International
How much Europeans trust the leading media in their coverage of the Ukraine crisis
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