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Rightwing Domestic Terrorism and Beyond; Repubs Ban Fracking Bans

Rightwing Domestic Terrorism in SC and Beyond; Repubs Ban Fracking Bans in TX
In the wake of the domestic extremist terrorist attack at Charleston's Emanuel AME Church, we look back at the Dept. of Homeland Security's dead-on 2009 report on Rightwing extremism. Then: Denton, TX voter-approved ban on fracking and Donald Trump's global warming denialism...

Remember that 2009 Dept. of Homeland Security report about Rightwing Domestic Extremism that Republicans forced the Obama Administration to retract?

We do — once again — on today's BradCast, particularly in the bloody wake of this week's domestic terrorist attack at Charleston's Emanuel AME Church. For some reason, Rightwingers don't want to remember that report, much less describe this week's attack at "terrorism". Wonder why. And so does Jon Stewart.

Then, speaking of extremist Republicans, the state of Texas has overruled a voter-approved ban on fracking in the city of Denton and declared such local control illegal. TX Gov. Greg Abbott actually says, with a straight face, that, in fighting for fossil fuel industry profits over people, he's protecting private property rights from the "heavy hand of local regulation." (Yes, he actually said that.)

Adam Briggle of joins us to discuss how Denton hopes to fight the GOP's Big Government attack on democracy, local control and private property rights across the state — ya know, all that stuff Republicans like to pretend they believe in.

"The industry went to the legislators that they have bought and paid for, and they wrote a new law for them to change the rules," Briggle tells me. "They just bought a new law that changed the standards by which you evaluate the constitutionality of local ordinances."

Finally, Desi Doyen joins us for the latest Green News Report, on the Pope's climate encyclical and Donald Trump's global warming denialism…

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