New Poll Reveals Majority of Norwegians Cool on Muslim Relations

© AFP 2022 / KYRRE LIENNorwegian Muslims demonstrate outside the US Embassy in Oslo on September 21, 2012 to protest against the US-made film "Innosence of Muslims"
Norwegian Muslims demonstrate outside the US Embassy in Oslo on September 21, 2012 to protest against the US-made film Innosence of Muslims - Sputnik International
A survey has revealed that at least two thirds of Norwegians would disapprove of one of their own children marrying a Muslim.

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At least two thirds of respondents in Norway said "no" to whether they wanted one of their children to marry a Muslim, according to the latest survey released by Norway’s Directorate of Integration and Diversity, the Local news website reports.

The poll found that 58 percent of respondents would be unhappy about seeing a Muslim son-in-law or a Muslim daughter-in-law becoming members of their family.

"There are some pretty scary numbers here. Especially the high levels of skepticism towards Muslims," Linda Alzaghari, general manager of the Minotenk think tank was quoted by the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten as saying.

32 percent of respondents said that they would react negatively to one of their kids marrying a Hindu, while 27 percent said that they would oppose to their child tying the knot with a Buddhist.

24 percent would be displeased with having a Jewish son-in-law or a Jewish daughter-in-law in their family, and only six percent disapprove of their child marrying a Christian, according to the poll.

© Flickr / Marcus Ramberg Christians converting muslims. Oslo
 Christians converting muslims. Oslo - Sputnik International
Christians converting muslims. Oslo

Surprisingly, the poll revealed that Norwegian immigrants from Muslim countries were much less concerned over their children marrying non-Muslims.

In response to whether they would object to one of their children marrying a Christian, opposition was expressed by just 15 percent of Norwegians with an Iraqi background, 19 percent of those with a Somali background, and 39 percent of those with a Pakistani background, according to the survey.

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The results of the poll come amid Nordic countries' ongoing security concerns due to the deadly twin terrorist attack in the Danish capital Copenhagen in February 2015. The 22-year-old gunman, who killed two people and wounded five more, reportedly earlier pledged allegiance to the Islamic State militant group.

Meanwhile, at least one hundred Swedish nationals have joined the ranks of the Islamic State to fight alongside the terrorists in Syria and neighboring Iraq since January 2015. They were followed suit by an array of nationals from Finland and Norway, according to media reports.

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