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Ukraine's WWII Rewrite Shows 'Small Nation Complex' – Anti-Fascism Activist

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Liberation of Kiev - Sputnik International
Co-chairman of the Latvian Antifascist Committee said that Ukraine's attempts to disparage the Victory of Soviet people in World War II, could be compared to biting the hand that feeds it.

World War II, 1941 - 1945. The Victory Banner over Reichstag, Berlin. May 1, 1945. - Sputnik International
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MOSCOW (Sputnik) Ukraine's attempts to disparage the Victory of Soviet people in World War II, could be compared to biting the hand that feeds it, Joseph Koren, сo-chairman of the Latvian Antifascist Committee told Sputnik.

"The attempts by Ukraine to rewrite history is a small nation's complex. Soviet people won a great victory. The attempts to disparage this victory mean biting the hand that feeds you," Koren said.

The Latvian activist, who is also the vice-president of the international movement Future Without Fascism, added that in his country the attempts to rewrite history are even worse than in Ukraine.

"Some politicians [in Latvia] even claim that May 9 was not a Victory Day but the day of [the beginning of] the second occupation," Koren said.

IL-2 attacking - Sputnik International
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He noted that the current rise of neo-Nazi ideology is "gravely dangerous" and it is not just in Ukraine where it can be seen. "Europe should immediately pay attention to this," Korren said.

According to Korren, education is the only mean capable of defeating the spread of neo-Nazism.

"These are the vast educational programs that would teach children starting from the first grade that Nazism is a horrific crime that has no place and cannot have any place in the modern society," Koren said.

Following the February 2014 coup, the escalation of the internal Ukrainian crisis and the deterioration of Ukraine's relations with Moscow, Kiev have been trying to diminish the role of Soviet Union in the victory in the fight against Nazism during World War II. The new authorities went as far as trying to equate Communism with Nazism.

Last month, the Ukrainian parliament passed a bill banning propaganda and symbols of both Soviet Communist and Nazi regimes.

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, any attempts to revise Russia's role in the victory over Nazism should be treated as a glorification of Nazi crimes.

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