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Cop of the Year Caught on Video Trafficking Guns for Infamous Drug Cartel

© AP Photo / Eric GayCop of the Year Caught on Video Trafficking Guns for Infamous Drug Cartel
Cop of the Year Caught on Video Trafficking Guns for Infamous Drug Cartel - Sputnik International
Two new videos have surfaced showing 20-year-veteran Houston police officer Noe Juarez providing assault rifles and police intelligence from an HPD database to an informant posing as a member of the Los Zetas drug cartel while wearing his police uniform.

Juarez, who was named officer of the year in 2009, was arrested last week and was indicted in New Orleans on conspiracy to distribute five or more kilos of cocaine.

The secretly recorded videos were taken in the parking lot of a nightclub where Juarez worked as security while off-duty.

In the first video, recorded in March of 2011, Juarez is seen delivering two assault rifles to an informant he believed to be a major drug trafficker. The FBI has alleged that Juarez received $4,500 for the weapons he believed were being shipped to Mexico.

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The second video, from July of the same year, shows Juarez allegedly providing the informant with information on people he believed to owe $800,000 in drug money to the cartel.  He had allegedly run two license plate numbers through the HPD database to supply a name and address from one of the plates, in exchange for $500.

Documents also show that the officer provided drug traffickers with information on how to detect police surveillance vehicles.

DEA special agent Larry Johnson testified in court that Juarez was related to two Zetas cartel members and would purchase automobiles and insurance for cartel employees to hide their identities.

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He is also accused of helping eight assault rifles or pistols find their way into the hands of drug dealers, as well as supplying them with ammo, ballistic vests, pepper spray, and magazines.

"He had no idea these people were associated with any drug activity at all and if he had known he wouldn't have done it," the officer’s former attorney argued at the bond hearing.

He is currently being held in New Orleans where he is set to be arraigned on April 23.  The officer is facing life in prison if convicted.

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