Real Face of War: New Video of Ukraine Conflict Stirs Up Internet (18+)

A video by musician and amateur filmmaker Artem Grishanov has gone viral on Youtube, providing a harsh commentary on the divide between Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's impassioned rhetoric about the conflict in eastern Ukraine and his own military's destructive campaign, which has affected tens of thousands of civilians.

The video, with subtitles in English, features the Ukrainian president speaking with tears in his eyes about an unexploded rocket landing in a residential yard, and is followed by imagery of the Ukrainian military's shelling of residential areas in the Donbass, and local residents' reactions of terror and resistance. The video features original music by Grishanov about the Ukrainian government's "'kindness' falling on our homes" in the form of rockets.

The video mixes a variety of imagery from the last year in Ukrainian politics, showing the connections the war in the east has to Ukrainian and international politics, and the incredible hypocrisy and sheer horror of the fact that Western politicians have ended up consciously or unconsciously supporting the bloodshed, via moral and political support, along with the provision of weaponry.

The video yearns to convey several facts about the war, including that over 6,000 civilians have been killed, over 15,000 injured and 1,500,000 turned into refugees, and that the Ukrainian military is using munitions prohibited under the Geneva Convention. The video also notes that while "the humanitarian aid coming from Russia to the people in the destroyed cities is regarded as an act of invasion and aggression…the USA and EU countries are going to supply weapons to Ukraine to continue the bloodshed."

The video has already sparked an internet debate on Russian language internet, and is beginning to light up on English-language resources as well. While some English-language users have already written it off as 'Russian propaganda', others have stepped out to defend it. In any case, the video and the reaction to it shows that even in the midst of a terrible civil war, there are creative minds out there trying to make sense of it all.

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