US Military Assistance to Ukraine May Expand Bloodshed

© REUTERS / Oleksandr KlymenkoUkrainian servicemen guard their position in the village of Luhanska, Luhansk region
Ukrainian servicemen guard their position in the village of Luhanska, Luhansk region - Sputnik International
White House Secretary Josh Earnest said that the US' provision of lethal military assistance to Ukraine might lead to expanding bloodshed in the country.

US Sen. John McCain - Sputnik International
McCain to Sputnik: Ukraine's Use of Cluster Bombs Is US' Fault
WASHINGTON, February 5 (Sputnik) — Sending military assistance to Ukraine could result in expanded bloodshed, White House Secretary Josh Earnest said during a press briefing Thursday.

“One of the concerns that we have about providing military assistance, as it does contain the possibility of actually expanding bloodshed, and that’s actually what we are trying to avoid,” Earnest said.

Earnest added that the United States regularly reevaluates its strategy used to settle the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine.

French President Francois Hollande, second left, speaks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel - Sputnik International
Germany Says Moscow Talks on Ukraine to Be Based on Minsk Protocol
The US President Barack Obama has indicated the desire to work closely with European allies on the issue.

“The president [Obama] takes very seriously views of our allies and he is going to consult very closely, as we evaluate any needed strategic changes ahead,” Earnest said.

US to Avoid Military Confrontation With Russia Over Ukraine Crisis

The conflict in Ukraine will not lead to a military confrontation between the United States and Russia, White House Secretary Josh Earnest stated.

“The President noted that this conflict was not going to rise to the level of military confrontation between the United States and Russia. The President has been very clear about that,” Earnest said.

Poroshenko, Hollande, Merkel - Sputnik International
Merkel, Hollande Leave Poroshenko's Executive Office After Talks
Earnest remark came in response to a question regarding the risks of escalation or a proxy war should the White House approve sending lethal aid to Ukraine.


Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, however, announced earlier that supplying weapons to Ukraine is not the way to end the crisis.


Earlier German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany won’t be sending lethal weapons to Kiev.

On Thursday US Senator John McCain, along with other members of the Senate Armed Services Committee said that the United States should provide Ukraine with defensive lethal assistance and that the committee would work on a new legislation to call for the action.

The armed conflict in eastern Ukraine began in April 2014, when Kiev-led forces launched a military operation against the region’s mostly Russian-speaking independence supporters who opposed Ukraine’s new post-coup government.

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