Flight Logs: Bill Clinton Flew on Private Jet With Porn Actress

© AP Photo / John AmisBill Clinton receives the Salute to Greatness Award in January, 2015.
Bill Clinton receives the Salute to Greatness Award in January, 2015. - Sputnik International
In the evolving controversy of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s involvement with underage girls aboard his private jet, the Clinton name continues to pop up in troubling places. Most recently: the plane’s flight logs.

Newly released flight logs from the private plane of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein show a number of high-profile men made regular trips. Known as the “Lolita Express” by locals in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where Epstein has a private island, the plane has frequently hosted famed attorney Alan Dershowitz, Naomi Campbell, and Harvard president Larry Summers.

Another frequent flyer is former president Bill Clinton, whose name appears on the logs over a dozen times, including once with a soft porn actress during an anti-poverty tour.

© AP Photo / Palm Beach Sheriff's OfficeJeffrey Epstein, accused of running an underage prostitution ring.
Jeffrey Epstein, accused of running an underage prostitution ring. - Sputnik International
Jeffrey Epstein, accused of running an underage prostitution ring.

Epstein served a year in jail after pleading guilty to solicitation of a minor. Other investigations have found Epstein hosting orgies on his private island, consisting largely of underage girls. He has settled over 30 sexual abuse lawsuits since 2008, the youngest victim being 12-years-old.

According to the logs, Clinton flew on Epstein’s jet on at least 11 flights for a year-long period in 2002. On board many of these flights were Ghislaine Maxwell and Sarah Kellen, associates of Epstein’s who were repeatedly accused of recruiting young girls for Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.

The logs of one January flight in 2002 show Clinton and his Secret Service detail aboard the plane with Epstein, Maxwell, and Kellen. Also onboard were two females listed only as “Janice” and “Jessica.”

Hillary reportedly livid over Bill's name in a sex ring. - Sputnik International
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Another flight in February of that year again links Clinton with the Epstein trio, along with one unidentified female.

New York Magazine reported that in 2002, Clinton used the plane during his anti-AIDS tour of Africa. Among the celebrity passengers – Kevin Spacey, for instance – were, again, Maxwell, Kellen, and a new girl, Chauntae Davies.

While Davies is currently transitioning toward a career as a Hollywood actress, she got her start as one of Epstein’s “massage” girls, her name appearing in the billionaire’s address book under “Massage- California.” Many of the other names listed in this book were underage girls.

In 2002, the same year she spent five days on the Lolita Express with Clinton’s entourage, she played a role as a “lingerie model” in a softcore porn film called “Exposed.”

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Things look considerably worse for Dershowitz. Clinton has maintained that he cut ties with Epstein after allegations of the billionaire’s pedophilia surfaced, and no court filings have personally accused Clinton of participating in any illicit acts on Epstein’s plane or island. Dershowitz, however, has been accused of having sex with Virginia Roberts while she was underage, as part of the same scandal that recently embroiled Prince Andrew.

What effects these findings could bear on a potential Hillary Clinton presidential run in 2016 are unclear. The former first lady has always managed to come away from her husband’s sex scandals looking stronger than before.

Still, it could be a hurdle on the way to the White House, and easy fodder for her opponents. 

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