Rounding Up 2014- Major American news events from October to December

Rounding Up 2014- Major American News Events From October To December
The last quarter of 2014 saw the fear of Ebola grip the nation, Ferguson go up in flames, "hands-up" protests giving way to "I can't breathe" protests, talk of amnesty for illegal immigrants, the Republican takeover of DC, a record high stock market and American shale players come under pressure as the price of oil collapses.

Other headlines note that Apple shares hit an all time high while Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg bought a part of Hawaii for 100 million dollars. Lena Dunham comes under pressure for her new book and she is forced to backtrack as the tide of public opinion turns against her. Fame TV dad and comedian Bill Cosby is accused of rape by numerous women.  Democrat operative and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber is seen on youtube saying-"the lack of transparency (regarding Obamacare) is a huge advantage against the Stupidity of the American voter". The year ends on a strange note as Sony is hacked in December and the public is subjected to personal emails, pay differences between Hollywood stars and more!

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