Egypt’s President: Foreign Conspiracy Behind Sinai Attack Designed to Break Egypt’s Back

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has blamed the recent Sinai attack on a foreign conspiracy, calling it a “foreign-funded operation” aimed at “breaking the back of Egypt”.

MOSCOW, October 26 (RIA Novosti) – Speaking in the aftermath of an attack on one of the country’s army checkpoints that left at least 31 soldiers dead, Egypt’s president has placed the blame on foreign powers.

“There is a big conspiracy against us,”  Deutsche Welle and several other sources quoted el-Sissi as saying on Saturday ahead of the military funeral.

The president said there are foreign powers that want to “break the back of Egypt”, “to break the will of Egypt and the Egyptians as well as the will of the Egyptian army, which is considered a pillar of Egypt."

El-Sissi has promised to take “extreme measures to uproot the militants”, as “Egypt is engaged in an extensive war that will last a long time.”

"Radical measures will be taken soon in the border area with the [Gaza ]strip to confront terrorism," el-Sissi said.

On Saturday, Egypt imposed a three-month state of emergency following an attack on one of the country's army checkpoints that occurred Friday evening, which left 31 soldiers dead.

Reports suggest that a car bomb was possibly detonated by a suicide attacker; rocket-propelled grenades and roadside explosives were used to target the rescuers.

Three days of mourning have also been declared throughout the country.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the incident.

El-Sissi called on Egyptians “to be aware of what is being hatched against us” and to be “vigilant and steadfast with the army and the police.”

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