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Scottish Referendum Will Change Britain Forever Regardless of Results

UK leadership will evidently face serious economic and democratic changes after the Scottish referendum, experts say.

MOSCOW, September 14 (RIA Novosti), Ekaterina Blinova - UK leadership will evidently face serious economic and democratic changes after the Scottish referendum, experts say.

"There can be no doubt that this referendum has changed Scotland. But it has not just changed Scotland; it will change Britain, because the thirst for democratic and economic change that has been heard from the people of Scotland will lead to change throughout Britain after 18 September," writes Ed Miliband in his Op-Ed "Devolution is for everyone. A no vote will change all of Britain" published by the Guardian.

The British politician insists that regardless of the results of the Scottish independence referendum, the UK will conduct socio-economic reforms including "extensive new devolution to local governments."

"Whether people are voting no or yes, it is clear we cannot carry on with an economy that lets so many people down," the Labour party leader emphasizes.

Depicting the bright prospects of a devolved Britain, Ed Miliband urges Scots to vote "No." By voting no, he stresses, Scotland will become a part of significant constitution changes that will make both Scotland and Britain stronger.

The Telegraph's political correspondent also claims that either Yes or No vote will change Britain fundamentally.

If Scots vote against independence, Holyrood will gain more powers, including the right to set income tax levels, as all three Westminster parties have already promised more devolution for the region.

On the other hand, if the Yes camp wins, London will apparently face new independence campaigns in Northern Ireland and Wales, the Telegraph stresses.

Meanwhile, Welsh politicians and economists claim that "Wales needs to get its act together if it is to benefit from constitutional change that will happen whatever the result of next week's Scottish independence referendum," according to Wales Online media outlet.

Kirsty Williams, the Welsh Democrat leader, believes that "the momentum of this referendum offers us [Wales] a golden opportunity to drive through the changes that Wales needs." Wales should voice its needs and concerns in order to receive more powers from Westminster, the politician stresses.

Northern Ireland is also watching Scotland's referendum closely. Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness deems that Northern Ireland would definitely benefit from the Scottish independence. On the other hand, since Cameron has promised more economic autonomy to Scots for voting No, Northern Ireland should try to gain financial independence either.

"If Scotland gets, in the context of there being a No vote, power over social welfare and the ability to decide their own social welfare payment rates then that has big implications for us and I think that I would hope that we can benefit from the outcome of that," said Mr. McGuinnes as cited by the Irish Independent.

Experts say that the UK's devolution problem has become a burning issue for all the members of the British Union. Whichever choice Scots make, Britain will be changed forever, they underscore.

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