Political Scientist: US Betrays Democracy Speaking Against Federalism in Ukraine

The United States betrays democratic ideals when speaking against federalism sought by militia in Ukraine, the director of the Russian Institute of Political Studies said Monday.

MOSCOW, September 8 (RIA Novosti) – The United States betrays democratic ideals when speaking against federalism sought by militia in Ukraine, the director of the Russian Institute of Political Studies said Monday.

“Democracy is the universal answer to lots and lots of questions, and for Ukraine, democracy is the main answer. What does it mean for Ukraine? First of all, no military action, secondly, federalism.... Only federalism can help Ukraine,” Sergei Markov said.

“It is strange to hear American politicians speaking against federalism in Ukraine, given the US bases its system on federalism. That is a betrayal of the democratic ideal,” he added.

The second principle is ensuring the freedom of the press, Markov said calling what is happening in US mass media a “horrible propaganda that is based on violence.”

“Do not think that the journalists who promote violence believe in those things, they don't. They are under a terror pressure. That's why the Ukrainian mass media have to first of all be freed from this terror,” he said.

Markov has also urged Ukraine to free all political prisoners and investigate all cases of political murder in Odesa on May 2, Mariupol on May 9 as well as sniper shooting on Maidan in February.

“The investigation must not be held by those who organized the murders. The international tribune should investigate and punish all [those responsible],” he said.

The political scientist also called to hold honest and just elections. “We need to accept that [President] Petro Poroshenko, although we recognize him partly, won in the most calcified election in Europe in the past 20 years,” he said.

“We need honest parliamentary elections. Right now it is a dictatorship of ultranationalism. It is reminiscent of the Iranian system, where only Islamists are allowed to take part in the elections. The same in Ukraine - only radical nationalists are allowed to take part in the elections,” Markov said.

US President Barack Obama is responsible for this crisis, but there are two circumstances: he is simply manipulated by his subordinates and he gets skewed information on Russia, the political scientist said.

“Who manipulates Barack Obama? Who gives him wrong info? I want to call on Barack Obama to set free. Mr Obama, your advisers are dragging you into the abyss. We know what they are telling you: Russia is the colossus standing on gas legs. Hitler was said to be standing on clay legs, Putin on gas. Many leaders in history - Hitler, Napoleon, Carl XXII were all told Russia would collapse at the first push. But look at their history. We hope Barack Obama doesn't repeat Napoleon's fate,” Markov said.

The political scientist also said there is a theory that Obama started this war because of the November Congress elections.

“To make history, Obama needs his Medical care program to be passed. If he loses the congress elections now, the Republicans will block his medical care program, and he will enter the history as President Putin,” he said.

“He doesn't want that. He is being attacked because he is weak. He demonstrates now some force to win the Congress elections. After the elections, the party's desire to continue the war may weaken. But Mr. Obama, the power is in calling for peace. What kind of force is it to become a puppet in the hands of your not so diligent advisers? This is weakness,” Markov stressed.

“Mr. Obama, show strength,... renew your Russia team,” he said. “Despite the decrease in the funding for Russia programs in the United States, there are many specialists who can give you good advice,” he added.

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