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We Need all Kinds of Sanctions Against US for Its Global Policies - Christoph R. Hörstel

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The US handling of the Malaysian passenger plane story fits well with its bad habit of using false pretexts to justify its attacks against other countries. In an exclusive interview with the Voice of Russia’s Burning Point Christoph R. Hörstel, German political analyst and government consultant, is analyzing the Boeing tragedy in the context of US broader global policies.

The US handling of the Malaysian passenger plane story fits well with its bad habit of using false pretexts to justify its attacks against other countries. In an exclusive interview with the Voice of Russia’s Burning Point Christoph R. Hörstel, German political analyst and government consultant, is analyzing the Boeing tragedy in the context of US broader global policies.

Christoph R. Hörstel: ‘We Need all Kinds of Sanctions Against US for Its Global Policies’

Christoph R. Hörstel says:

– What we see is a deliberate criminal act of shooting down a civilian airliner, trespassing through the skies of Ukraine on its way to the home base Kuala Lumpur. It is not the first bloody armed provocation against Russia. The first one happened or started a few months ago, after the second coup d'état pushed and brought about by the US involvement and direct meddling into the interior affairs of Ukraine.

People were forced by brutal Nazi armed gangs to defend themselves and picked up arms. And then, all kinds of accusations ran against Russia interfering into the interior Ukrainian affairs. And what we have, in fact, is terror regime by the Kiev against civil population. And now, we have the second terror act – a single act – not just the civil war going on right now in Ukraine. And that is helping to shoot down a civilian airliner.

What we have, in fact, is a situation where the accusations against Russia rang out directly after the jet has touched ground in Ukraine and before the black box was even found, and before any kind of examination has taken place.

It was clear to the US especially, but also to other countries, that Russia was the culprit. So, this is a very strange situation indeed. It is completely against any kind of serious and honest procedure to raise this kind of accusations. And to be very clear, this reminds me very clearly of the 9\11 affair.

– The 9\11?

– Because, if we remember what happened on September 11, 2001, for the US it was very clear that a largely illiterate gang in the mountains of Afghanistan, under the leadership of a certain, Osama Bin Laden was responsible for carrying out one of the most complicated and four-pronged airliner attack in the history of mankind in America.

I cannot think of any attack of this kind in the mankind’s history, which is so complicated to manage, or something like this, which happened on September 11, in 2001. But instantly, it was clear that it was Osama Bin Laden. And what we found out very shortly after that was the deepest involvement of all kinds of the US secret services’ circles and so on, into this bloody and terrible affair.

And what we have now, in fact, is again, huge signs that the US was deeply involved. I’d just remind you of a great journalist, Mr. Perry, who found out, speaking to his confidential secret service contacts that the US knows quite well knowing what is exactly behind this affair of a shot down of a civilian airliner of the Malaysian Airlines. 

We know that the airliner was deviated. There is a huge complex of motivations and reasoning of how this is possible – that an airliner is directed outside the internationally agreed air traffic corridor, which that plane must have left.

So, this is already one of the huge unsolved problems – that we have this deviation of this flight, which is a very dangerous story. And then, of course, we have a very clear the fact that how come that exactly a Malaysian airliner is being been shot down. And we remind each other of the MH-370 flight to Beijing, I think, to China, which was lost, disappeared, and no trace has been found ever since, a few months ago.

And when I was checking, because nowadays, globally, if we have unsolved questions of this kind, it is always good to look to the financial sector - it is not an explanation for everything, but it may explain something. And what do we have very interestingly here – Malaysia is the next base in discussion to trade in the Chinese currency - Yuan.

We remember who is right now an official trading base. That is an interesting list of countries. First of all, we have the UK being declared such a place by the visit of the Chinese Premier in June, meeting Mr. Cameron, the Prime Minister of the UK.

And we have more countries. That is very interesting! Canada and New Zealand. All of these three countries are in a way security-wise dependent on Washington, on the US. So, now come two more countries on the list, which might be a trading base sooner or later. And these are two interesting countries, an interesting couple – Russia and Malaysia.

Now, Russia is by no means in Washington’s pocket. It is by no means dependent security-wise on America. So, it cannot be ruled in this regard. But Malaysia – that is a country where the American power leverage could start. And to my best understanding of global politics, there might be a motivation why Malaysia is being fingered by Washington since a few months.

They want to subdue Malaysia and make sure that when they trade the Yuan, they follow Washington’s wishes, because that is what will happen with all the three of them – the UK, New Zealand and Canada. And what they have in mind, very clearly, is what they have done in the past – they want to finger the exchange rates. They want to make sure that the Yuan is not overly successful in its international come out.

So, that is a very serious story we have here. And we know from history, from other sources, from people who wrote books, that this kind of policy is being conducted by the US, contradicting any kind of national and international law, there’s no doubt.

So, this is what we have here. There is a motivation to put pressure on Malaysia. There are all kinds of unresolved questions. And, at the same time, Russia is being judged and made the culprit in the shooting down of the civilian passenger jet in a very strange fashion.

This is being repeated throughout the Western media. That is another sign that something with the Western accusations cannot be correct, because there is a kind of orchestrated international media blitz campaign running against Russia. And it is not the first one, as I said, it is the second one. The first one was starting a terror mission by a very strange kind of mafia groups, Nazi killers plus ordinary troops from the Kiev regime siding against their own population inside Ukraine.

That is the first way how they tried to start a provocation against Russia and this situation now is the second. And then, we have tougher sanctions all the time. And what we have, also very interesting, we have a new poll in Germany and suddenly the people, after all these strange things that German people said, nowadays we have a majority in favour of the sanctions, when before there was a minority for the sanctions and a large majority against those sanctions against Russia.

And I can tell you, from my best understanding, because I have a first-hand witness account about, if I read some kind of very interesting poll deviating from the usual mindset of the German people, as all the analysts note, then I must understand that this is not a correct poll, this was manipulated.

– Which means that what we see now is a bunch of lies to make a case against Russia. But definitely, this is not the first time when the US and its allies are resorting to lies to make a case against a country. Everyone remembers Iraq. But, as far as I remember, there’s been earlier   cases– Srebrenica massacre, Grenada – you name it.

– Exactly! Grenada, Panama and what have they done there. The whole 5+1 Iran business, what’s that about? The US is reiterating without any regard to the IAEA findings in Iran saying that these good people are not building a nuclear weapon. But this is what the West, including Israel, is reiterating every day, like a litany, also in a very orchestrated way, I must say, and it is simply not true.

24 hours, 7 days a week we have the cameras running and it is completely impossible for Iran to build a nuclear bomb, and they don’t want it. They do not want it! They are not in the steps of building this kind of bomb, but this is what the US is saying. And with this tool of 5+1 talks, including, unfortunately, Germany, they are pressurizing and stopping the economic development of a whole country on false accusations. Very-very interesting way!

Then, what we have with these chemical weapons in Syria… There is a whole litany. If we sit together for 2 hours, we find 25 to 30 of those lies, big lies affecting nations, hundreds of millions of people.

– And no way to hold the US accountable?

– No way to hold the US accountable. The UN is dysfunctional. Time and again I'm reiterating the case that on the 23rd of September, 2008 there was a special contract between NATO and the UN that the military business of the UN was to be taken care of by NATO. And this is completely impossible for an impartial global organization to make such a contract. This contract has to be abolished immediately.
And of course, what we need is all kinds of sanctions against the US for their multicriminal global policies, a kind of hegemony by the mafia. This is not the way we can continue. If we do not want the third world war, we should start the stopping procedure right now.
And, as an analyst, I can only tell you one thing – my greatest fear is that those parts in the political society in Russia, which are in favour of turning away from the West, would leave the large unspoken silent opposition in the West without a friend outside. That would be too bad. There are so many people in the West who are completely opposed to these kinds of multi-criminal global policies of the biggest armed mafia gang we’ve ever had in the human kind’s history – the NATO. There will be no power to turn to once NATO gets more and more criminal, as it is obviously doing right now.

– Does that imply that if we get to set up some kind of alternative international war crimes court, this project would get support in the West?

– We can say one thing very clearly – there would be some support. But politically, I would advise to start organizing this impartial criminal court against this kind of US-instigated and disrespected court, because what we have, in fact, is an open official declaration by the US that their personnel is to be exempted from having to appear in this kind of court ever and that they would use military force, should any party undertakes an American criminal personnel and put it to this court.

So, this is a blatant violation of any kind of international understanding of what an international impartial court should be and how it should work. So, we have two kinds of laws and rights globally – for the US and for the rest of the pack – and that doesn’t work. That is not a future-proof system and model.

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