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Recession causes big drop in household waste in Britain - paper

LONDON, May 10 (RIA Novosti) - The ongoing financial crisis has forced British households to consume less and recycle more, causing a considerable drop in the amount of rubbish they are throwing away, a British paper reported on Sunday.

"The conspicuous consumption and obscene wastage that have come to characterize the nation have slowed dramatically in the face of the recession," The Independent on Sunday reported, referring to the latest figures obtained from the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs.

Local councils and waste management companies in Britain are reporting a drop of up to 10% in waste collection in recent months. This fall, according to estimates of the U.K. environmental charity Waste Watch, could result in a massive reduction of 2.5 million tons in waste production in 2009 - enough rubbish to fill Canary Wharf five times over, the paper said.

"Experts believe that a number of factors have contributed to this remarkable fall, including a shift in public attitudes away from profligate living; a drop in the amount of white goods, such as washing machines and TVs, being thrown out; and a fall in construction waste, as the recession affects the number of building projects," the paper said.

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