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Russia could claim part of 'richest wreck' find

MOSCOW, January 27 (RIA Novosti) - Russia may file a claim for part of the multi-billion dollar treasure on board a British cargo ship sunk by a German submarine during WWII, the Sovfracht Maritime Bulletin said on Tuesday.

The British cargo ship, torpedoed in June 1942 while carrying billions of dollars worth of precious metals to the U.S. to help pay for the Allied war effort, was recently discovered by the Sub Sea Research company off Guyana.

"A certain percent of belongs to Sub Sea Research, but it's up to lawyers to decide. Russia possibly also owns a percent," the website said.

A large part of the cargo is believed to have belonged to the Soviet Union.

The sunken ship, codenamed the Blue Baron, is believed to contain gold, platinum and diamonds worth some $3.7 billion.

Sub Sea Research's founder and co-manager, Greg Brooks told windsorstar.com: "This will definitely be the richest wreck ever."

The discovery was unveiled only after the company had filed a claim on the treasure in a U.S. court. No other claims have been yet lodged.

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