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Egyptian shoe salesman deceived by 'grow money' con

CAIRO, February 15 (RIA Novosti) - An Egyptian shoe salesman nearly fell victim to swindlers who told him they knew the secret of how to grow money, national media said on Friday.

A group of men from Cameroon promised Naser Yusef that they would make him a millionaire if he gave them $30,000.

They said that if he used their magic, then money would grow in the night, and the next morning he would have $1 million in 'freshly grown' dollars.

The 'magicians' put a $100 bill into a trunk to convince the salesman, and after several hours of 'wizardry' opened it to reveal $300.

Amazed, Yusef was ready to give the money to them without any hesitation, but asked for another day to collect the necessary sum.

Yusef rushed to his friends to tell them about the miracle. But one of them, a police officer, told him that the 'magicians' had already made off with thousands of dollars stolen from other naive Egyptians.

The 'wizards' were then caught red-handed in a police stakeout at Yusef's flat.

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