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Blasts in London remind anti-terrorist coalition it cannot relax


Moscow, July 7. (Novosti political commentator Pyotr Romanov). The blasts in London, which left scores dead and hundreds wounded, have become a reminder of several truths at once.

First: There is just one step from happiness to sorrow in life. Just yesterday London was beside itself with joy celebrating victory over Paris in the Olympic race and today it is mourning.

The second bitter truth. In today's world the thought of terrorism comes to mind first, before the idea of an industrial disaster and, regrettably, more often than not, it happens to be true.

At first blasts in the London Underground were attributed to a power surge but the news that a double-decker had been blown up made it clear that these were acts of terror. Then came a report about an explosive device found in the tube. It is hard to believe that these acts are not connected with each other or that they have nothing to do with the G8 summit, which had just started its work in Gleneagles, Scotland.

Hence the third truth. If you embark on the struggle against terrorism, you should never relax. If life in London was reasonably calm yesterday, this same might not be true tomorrow.

The main leaders of the anti-terrorist coalition, who have met not far from the site of tragic events to discuss ecology and famine, topics that are far removed from terrorism, cannot afford to forget about the invisible enemy, whether they want it or not. It is beyond doubt that the agenda of the G8 summit will be subject to inevitable change.

And, finally, the last truth. Considering the scale of the threat, it is essential to discard mutual resentment and irritation, like those displayed by London and Paris during their recent squabble, until an ultimate victory is scored in this struggle for survival. Double standards should be abandoned as well. The enemy of my friend is my enemy. This is a vital condition for a common triumph.

Solidarity is essential. The blood shed in New York, Moscow, Madrid or London is the same color.

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