Russians are still forming their attitude to the Day of Russia - Russia's heraldry master


ST. PETERSBURG, June 11 (RIA Novosti, Anna Novak) - The attitude of Russian citizens toward the Day of Russia celebrated on Sunday is still being formed, said State Heraldry Master Georgy Vilinbakhov in an interview with RIA Novosti. "Every state has its own national holiday. Previously, Russia celebrated November 7th, and now it is the Day of Russia.

Russia is a different country today and, therefore, it is a different holiday," Vilinbakhov pointed out, adding that such a holiday must exist.

According to Vilinbakhov, it takes time for a holiday to become a tradition; new generations of citizens must be born with this holiday knowing what it is about.

"Certainly, older generations might have a hard time accepting June 12 as a holiday because they spend their entire lives knowing May 1 and November 7 as national holidays. I think it is normal that the attitude to this holiday is still being formed. Some people recognize it, some people - don't. Some people say we celebrate it in a wrong way. It takes time for us to understand what this holiday is all about," Vilinbakhov says.

He stated any traditions develop through generations and generations of people. "Peter the Great ordered to celebrate the New Year on January 1, although the Russians started to recognize this date as the New Year's only 100-150 years later. For example, we did not start to celebrate the Victory Day (the celebration of the victory in the Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany) right after May 9, 1945," the State Heraldry Master said.

"It will take time to form the attitude toward this holiday, and people will figure out how to celebrate it on their own," Vilinbakhov underlined.

Vilinbakhov will spend June 12 in the Russian capital. "I will celebrate June 12 as a state official. I will participate in various formal events held in Moscow. It is very important for me to supervise the heraldic procedures of the holiday, what to change, what to keep and what to abandon altogether," the State Heraldry Master said.

On June 12, 1991, the first President of Russia (the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic at the time) was elected by the national vote. Boris Yeltsin was elected as President.

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