MOSCOW, May 27 (RIA Novosti) - Only 8% of the Russians treat the ex-owner of the YUKOS oil company positively, 25% - negatively, and 44 % - indifferently. This can be seen from the data of the all-Russian representative poll published on Thursday by the Public Opinion Foundation.

The percentage of those who positively treat Mikhail Khodorkovsky among the young people is higher than of those who feel an aversion for him (12% and 10% respectively), while the number of the elder people who treat him positively is 8 times less, the ratio being 5% and 40%.

At the end of the first week of pronouncing the sentence on the Khodorkovsky case, 28% of the participants in the poll said that they followed the trial, and 61% that they did not. In Moscow, 46% of the polled paid attention to the trial, 51% did not.

The Russians, who have their own opinion with regard to the objectivity of the Khodorkovsky trial divided into practically equal parts: 19% percent believe that the trial is objective, 18% - not objective (others could not express their opinion). The Muscovites mostly share the second opinion: 20% of the respondents believe in the objectivity of the Meshchansky Court and 30% do not.

The poll was conducted in 100 towns and villages in 44 regions, territories and republics of Russia among 1,500 respondents by a method of interviews in the place of their residence. Additionally, 600 inhabitants of Moscow were polled. A statistical error does not top 3.6%.

The pronouncement of the sentence on the Khodorkovsky case started on Monday, May 16. The Prosecutor General's Office accuses Mr. Khodorkovsky of the theft of property of great value, inflicting a property damage on the owners through fraud, massive corporate and personal tax evasion and misappropriation of property.

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