AMSTERDAM, May 19 (RIA Novosti, Andrei Poskakukhin) - The governor of the Kaluga region, Anatoly Artamonov, said that he fully guaranteed work without hindrance to foreign entrepreneurs in the region. On Wednesday Artamonov took part in the presentation of his region in the Netherlands.

"To my mind, during this presentation we had a very interesting business conversation. All the participants spoke about urgent matters, and it seems to me that it was very useful to listen to each other," Artamonov told Russian and foreign reporters.

According to him, "this should help to overcome the permanently existing psychological barrier."

"I believe that many Dutch businessmen will think it over, will come to us, size up the situation and will start cooperating with Kaluga companies and make investments into the development of production," the head of the region said.

The governor said that he fully guaranteed work without hindrance to foreign entrepreneurs in the Kaluga region with a minimum risk. He pointed out that during the ten years of cooperation with foreign companies in the Kaluga region there was no case when they sustained losses.

"Following the successful development of trade and economic cooperation and business partnership between Russia and the Netherlands, and seeing that the Netherlands already occupies the second place in trade with Russia and in the amount of the investments into the Russian economy, I cannot remain indifferent, and I would like that cooperation between the Netherlands and the Kaluga region be as active.

The Kaluga governor said that a distinguishing feature of the Dutch businessmen is their high responsibility for the decisions they adopt. According to him, in this sense the interests and approaches of the Kaluga regional administration and of the Dutch businessmen coincide.

"I hope that many Dutch companies will pay attention to the possibilities of developing their businesses in the Kaluga region," said Artamonov. "I guarantee them my personal participation in putting into practice every project."

The governor drew attention to the fact that many people in the Kaluga region know the English language and, therefore, foreign businessmen will have no problems in maintaining contacts with them.

Artamonov adduced several examples of a successful cooperation between the Kaluga and Dutch firms. For instance, the joint venture, created by Kaluga and Dutch companies ten years ago, is now a leading enterprise in Russia in growing flowers.

The enterprise for producing greenhouses out of aluminium structures, founded in the Kaluga region with the participation of a Netherlands company, now supplies these greenhouses to many countries, including the Netherlands. It is a very big plant, the governor continued, which can produce up to 300 hectares of greenhouses a year.

"There are many other good examples of cooperation between the Dutch and Kaluga companies," Artamonov said.

Speaking about the spheres which would be most interesting for the Dutch companies and into which they could make their investments, the governor called agriculture, the timber processing industry, the production of glass, machine building and the food industry.

"Another perspective sphere of cooperation is science, because Kaluga is one of the most advanced regions in Russia in scientific research and developments," Artamonov pointed out.

"We could organize an exchange of students and cooperation between our scientists. Exchanges in the sphere of culture would also be very interesting of course. We have a very successful experience of cooperation in this sphere with many countries," the governor said.

On Wednesday, the delegation of the Kaluga region, with its governor at the head, conducted negotiations with representatives of the Netherlands Ministries of the Economy and of Agriculture. Both sides discussed perspectives of cooperation between the Kaluga and Dutch companies and organizations.

On Thursday, Artamonov will visit one of the leading Dutch farms and meet with the Royal Commissioner of the Northern Holland Province. The heads of the Kaluga enterprises, who arrived in the Netherlands jointly with the official delegation, will also visit some Dutch companies which interest them.

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