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MOSCOW, April 20 (RIA Novosti) - The United States administration may try a compromise with Iran, opined Sergei Rogov, director of the U.S. and Canada Studies Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, at the RIA Novosti press conference on Wednesday.

"The Bush administration may try a compromise with Iran provided it guarantees freezing its military and nuclear programs", Rogov said.

The Republican Party has always had a wing favoring agreement with Iran, he recalled. "Even such a conservative figure as Dick Cheney advocated ending the policy of deterring Iran", the expert said.

Rogov recalled that two months ago Americans rejected opposing the European diplomatic initiative with regard to Iran. In addition, several weeks ago Condoleezza Rice approved the Russian-Iranian agreement on 100-percent return of wasted nuclear fuel from Iran.

"She neatly spoke of also the nuclear and military program of Iran. In her interpretation, it poses no threat to today's world", he said.

In the opinion of Rogov, "the declaration of George Bush that Iran's accession to the World Trade Organization should be supported in return for its freezing the military and nuclear program is a serious signal to Iran".

In the expert opinion, accents have greatly changed in Washington's Iranian rhetoric over the last six months.

"America now is much less worried by the nuclear program and much more by Iran's involvement in the Shiite regions of Iraq. Americans see Iran as a destabilizing factor in Iraq. All the loud words and threats towards Iran are, I think, linked to America's demands that Iran does not meddle in the Iraqi affairs and does not prevent Americans from stabilizing the situation", Rogov explained.

"There is in principle the possibility of a compromise: if Iran does not stand in the way of Americans in Iraq, goes for a sure access of inspectors to its nuclear program, a crucial turn in the United States' approach to Iran may, I believe, happen", Rogov thinks.

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