MAKHACHKALA, April 9 (RIA-Novosti) Clashes between Moslems in the central Mosque of the town of Derbent (120 kilometers to the south of Makhachkala, Daghestan republic capital) caused 24 wounded and hospitalized including four policemen.

According to the on-duty officer of the Federal emergency Ministry in Daghestan, "after the scuffle 24 were wounded. Among those hospitalized are four policemen, two of them with slivers by a knife and two others with severe hurts", our informant said.

The clashes took place in the Derbent central mosque, Abul-Bavab, or Juma, the oldest in Russia. Both, shiahs and sunnites alike come to the mosque to pray. The conflict started after the daytime namaz between two sunnite groups concerning exegesis of certain liturgies.

The prosecutor's office instituted court proceedings under the paragraph on disorderly conduct, Derbent town mayor Feliks Kasiakhmetov has informed RIA-Novosti. The developments are under law-enforcers control.

In the capital, Makhachkala, visitors to the central wholesale market near the railway station had to be evacuated due to the danger of a terror act.

Information about an explosive device being planted in the market was received at 16.30 Moscow time.

All the necessary measures have been taken - people evacuated, the market cordoned by the police, service dogs are used in search of the explosive.

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