CHISINAU, April 4 (RIA Novosti) - The newly-elected president of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin, thinks that European integration of his country is impossible without territorial integrity and ethnic accord.

Such is the main theme of his program speech at the parliamentary session on Monday.

According to Mr. Voronin, the leadership of Moldova is aware today that "a status for the Transdniestrian region cannot emerge from the process of negotiations with those who have usurped power in Tiraspol (capital of the Dniester left bank region), rely on crude military force and openly trample the elementary democratic norms underfoot".

In the opinion of Voronin, "liberation of the people of the Transdniestrian region from Medieval arbitrariness should be done only from active assistance to democratization of the region and ridding its population from being hostages in the artificial and nonsensical geolpolitical games".

Voronin stressed that it is important for his republic that "the Russian Federation withdraw both its military contingent and ammunition".

"It must not be done for replacing Russian servicemen by camouflaged people from other countries", he noted.

"We see any form of military presence in the region as anachronism, nonsensical approach having nothing to do with settlement. In the present situation, when thousands of young people from Transdniestria are studying at colleges and universities in Chisinau, when people of Tiraspol and Bendery daily go to work in Chisinau, all these dividing structures appear obsolete and tasteless theatrics. We firmly believe that unequivocal support from the United States, European Union and our neighbors - Ukraine and Rumania - will help us cope with the problem", Voronin said.

Simultaneously, he voiced the hope that "the potential of bilateral relations between Moldova and the Russian Federation will make it possible in maximally correct form and in the shortest of time to resolve the problem and focus on more productive aspects of our partnership".

"We hope that the international law mechanisms of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Council of Europe will promote efficient efforts of the international community in resolving the problem of Transdniestria", Voronin stressed.

On Monday the Moldovan parliament has reelected the incumbent head of state, communist leader Vladimir Voronin as the president of Moldova.

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