MOSCOW, April 1 (RIA Novosti) - Overthrown President Askar Akayev accuses the USA of backing forces who made an unconstitutional coup in Kyrgyzstan.

"The regime that has come now certainly was backed from without. The revolution surely had US financial and technical support," he said in a Novosti interview.

Mr. Akayev referred to a Pakistani-based Muslim organization he did not specify, which is offering on the world web a report by Stephen Young, US Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan. The report the organization had got hold of, someway, was blueprinting the Kyrgyz revolution in detail.

"The blueprints were meticulously implemented. The ambassador said the USA needed to overthrow me, and to build up its influence on Kyrgyzstan as China's neighbor and a country that hosted a Russian base, and so was playing a crucial role."

The ambassador made references to Kurmanbek Bakiev, now Kyrgyzstan's acting President, and Rosa Otunbayeva, acting Deputy Foreign Minister, and remarked that Bakiev was a more preferable person for America than any other, Mr. Akayev went on.

As for the prospects of a Russian Air Force base in Kant near Bishkek, Kyrgyz capital, they depend on the new regime's stance, he said. "Americans may come up with particular demands. They may say they had brought the new people to the helm, and are entitled to a reward. But the new people understand the situation in full. The nation will make whatever president Russia's partner, I'm sure. Kyrgyzstan must side with Russia, and responsible political activists realize that point quite well."

There is no chance for Kyrgyzstan to make progress if it breaks with Russia. "Russia is a godsend to us, a gift history made us. I have always pressed that point. Our ancestors bequeathed us ties with Russia. Kyrgyzstan will not develop unless it is friends with Russia-we have no choice."

Characteristically, the new regime's maiden statements were in favor of Kyrgyzstan preserving nits both overseas air bases-the Russian in Kant and the US in Manas.

The Russian base needs reinforcement, stressed Mr. Akayev. "The latest events clearly showed it was to urgently get stronger <...> The base was established just in time, as I see it. If it weren't set up, Americans would have tried to secure a long-term legal status for their own base-but they gave the matter up as soon as the Russian base appeared in Kant."

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