KIEV, October 13 (RIA Novosti) - Supporters of the Ukraine's presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovich warn that their opponents are preparing "a chestnut revolution" in the country following the presidential election scheduled for October 31.

In the opinion of the Coordination Council of the election organization supporting the ruling party's candidate, current prime minister Yanukovich, the opponents plan to develop "either the Serbian or the Georgian scenario of seizing the power". The Council published an address saying that the several thousand strong rally at the building of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission scheduled by their opponents for the elections night can transform in the first phase of such scenario, if the election results are unfavorable for the opposition and its leader Viktor Yuschenko.

"Actually, there is a threat of political upheaval in the country", state representatives of the organization supporting Mr. Yanukovich in the address adopted on Wednesday.

"We call upon the Ukrainian president to take every effort to prevent development of the "chestnut revolution" scenario, enforce law and order during the election process. We call upon the Ukraine's deputies to put an end to the fruitless political hostility in the parliament", reads the document.

The term "chestnut revolution" came into use in the Ukraine after in February 2004 U.S. Wall Street Journal published an article entitled "Chestnut revolution in Kiev?", which speculated on the possibility of the Ukraine witnessing the events similar to the Georgian "roses revolution", which forced President Edward Shevarnadze to retire and paved the way to the power for today's President Mikhail Saakashvili. The article got its name, because Kiev is famous for blooming chestnuts in spring.

At the same time, the Vienna Land Criminal Court seized the hospital chart of the Ukraine's presidential candidate Viktor Yuschenko from the Vienna private clinic "Rudolfinerhaus", stated the Federal Police Directorate of Vienna on Wednesday.

The police refused to give details, including whether these documents would be handed over to the Ukraine.

As was earlier said by the press service of the Ukrainian General Prosecutor's Office, the judge of the Vienna Land Criminal Court launched proceedings related to fulfilling the legal assistance solicitation with regard to the criminal case initiated by the Ukrainian General Prosecutor's Office to find out the circumstances of Mr. Yuschenko's disease.

No confirmation has been received from the Vienna Land Court as to seizure of Mr. Yuschenko's hospital chart from the Rudolfinshaus clinic or whether this document has been or will be handed over to the Ukrainian law enforcement bodies.

Mr. Yuschenko underwent medical treatment in Rudolfinshaus form September 10 to 18 and once again from September 30 to October 10 claiming to have been poisoned and complaining of the stomach ache and pains in the liver and the back, RIA Novosti was told in the Rudolfinshaus clinic.

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