MOSCOW, September 22 (RIA Novosti) - At a plenary session on Wednesday, the State Duma has made the statement On International Interaction in the Struggle Against Terrorism.

It says that the State Duma "once again resolutely declares the inadmissibility of using double standards in the struggle against terrorism".

"Terrorists cannot be good or bad, killers cannot be moderate. There can be no deals to be made with those who shoot children in the back", the statement reads.

Parliamentarians note that those hiding militants emissaries actually allow actions in support of separatist, not only split the antiterrorist coalition and encourage bandits to commit new crimes but expose to danger their own people.

Parliamentarians invite the authorities of the United States and Great Britain to revise the terms of granting political asylum to emissaries of Chechen militants Ilyas Akhmadov and Akhmed Zakaev.

Russian parliamentarians ask all countries participants in the antiterrorist coalition to prevent these persons' emergence in their territories and take steps towards their international isolation.

"It is high time to turn from declared readiness to coordinate the efforts in the struggle against international terrorism to efficient steps in this direction", the statement reads.

Duma deputies say that they will take every effort for such an understanding to be turned into the practice of all international legal institutions, of which Russia is an active member.

Giving support to actions taken by the Russian president and the federal organs of power, the State Duma for its part does everything necessary for the unity of participants in antiterrorist actions to become a reality, making it possible efficiently to oppose international terrorism, ensure the security and integrity of states, the State Duma says.

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