TEHERAN, September 7 (RIA Novosti) - Iran is willing to repeat Shehab 3 missile tests with observers attending, reassures Vice-Admiral Ali Shamkhani, Defence Minister. The information came from the ministerial press service today.

The minister did not specify a test day or the category of observers to be invited. He described the latest test as a success.

The Shehab (Persian for "meteor") has a designed range of 1,300 kilometres, and a maximum 1,500. Based on North Korea's Noh Dong 1, it had its latest Iranian test about a year ago. With a warhead up to 1,158 kilograms, the missile can hit targets in Israel, a major part of Iraq, Turkey's east and centre, and many Israeli and US military projects in the Gulf.

Iran insistently refers to the Shehab as a defence and deterrence, rather than attack weapon.

Israel, on the contrary, views it as dire danger to national security.

Iran and Israel are exchanging threats more often than ever before, and Iranian military experts do not rule out Israeli missiles hitting Iran's nuclear projects, someday. Iran regularly comes out with transparent hints at a reply in kind. Iranian analysts regard the situation as psychological warfare with a propaganda purpose. They don't think the threats can come true just now.

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