MAKHACHKALA, August 5 (RIA Novosti) - The State Council of Daghestan strongly warns it against an early presidential election. As it said on several previous occasions, the autonomy will go to the polls in 2006, on schedule. Every citizen will have the right to run for presidency. As for attempts to bring the poll closer, they mean to upset stability, the Council says in a public appeal it circulated today.

Daghestan, Russia's constituent republic, is in the Caucasian mountains and on the west Caspian coast, and borders on Chechnya.

Certain forces are enticing Daghestanis into headlong political moves. The State Council is sure the population will not succumb to the temptation, and will offer a due rebuff to whatever action and calls to trespass constitutional norms and so make political and social problems, says the appeal.

The republican State Council and Security Council gathered for a joint session today to take stock of ominous developments in Khasavyurt, a town 40 kilometres east of the Chechen-Daghestani administrative border. A huge public rally gathered there, July 24. Saighid-pasha Umakhanov, Khasavyurt mayor, addressed the rally to announce an all-republican rally, appointed for September 10. It will call the State Council and Magomedali Magomedov, council president and top Daghestani executive, to step down.

As Mr. Magomedov was addressing the joint session, he highlighted a religious atmosphere reigning at the Khasavyurt rally, as it made strong calls for an early presidential election.

On present-day Daghestani arrangements, the republic has no president, and its State Council president leads the executive.

As the law has it, Daghestan is to elect its first-ever president in two years, stressed Magomedali Magomedov.

Public political tensions have been lately raging in Khasavyurt and the area round the town. Irresponsible moves by Mayor Umakhanov and certain other officials and community activists are alone to blame, the State and Security councils say in a statement that summed up their session. The councils ordered the republican government and law enforcement agencies to do everything to reinstate unhampered teamwork of republican and municipal authorities in compliance with the Daghestani and federal constitutions.

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