MOSCOW, June 22 (RIA Novosti) - The Russian Electric Reliability Council, working to ensure that the country's electric systems are reliable, adequate and secure, has agreed to meet again in October to discuss an electric reliability concept. The concept is now being finalized by experts of Unified Energy Systems (UES) Inc., the Federal Grid Company, the United Energy Grid Control Department, Rosenergoatom, and other groups on the Council, the UES PR Department says in a press release.

Today's session of the Electric Reliability Council was held by the UES Chair and CEO, Anatoly Chubais. The participants discussed progress in the elaboration of the electric reliability concept, a document that is supposed to outline approaches to ensuring the nation's energy security and to lay down terms for developing regulatory and technical frameworks.

Electricity industry reform and the development of market relations raise the importance of ensuring the reliability of energy systems and energy associations in connection with the split of those involved in the process of electricity generation, transmission, and consumption and the emergence of many independent operators on the market, the UES press release says.

At its Tuesday session, the Electric Reliability Council also discussed the practice of providing additional services on the electricity market. The UES is now working on blueprints for the launch of such services, notably ones crucial to maintaining electricity supplies of a certain quality. The session participants approved the orientation toward the use of competitive mechanism in elaborating the draft.

The UES Electric Reliability Council, set up in October 2003, is a standing advisory body. Its mission is to coordinate the electricity industry's activity in working out strategies for the technical upgrading of Russian energy facilities, the consolidation of the country's electricity grid, the development of technological infrastructure for running the UES and the wholesale electricity market, and the organization and launch of the additional services market.

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