MOSCOW, April 26 (RIA Novosti's Olga Semyonova) - Russia's Rosoboronexport state arms selling company will feature about 150 military and civil products, first of all, armaments designed to combat terrorism and emergency situations, at the SOFEX' 2004 fifth international special operation forces exhibition opening in Jordan this Monday.

The exhibits will be on display on April 26-29 at the King Abdullah airbase of Marka near Amman (Jordan).

As the organizing committee reports, official delegations from over 50 countries are expected to participate in the exhibition. The main founders and organizers of the SOFEX'2002 exhibition are Jordan's state and private structures, and also the general corporation for exhibitions from the United Arab Emirates.

The ceremony of the exhibition opening will be preceded by a conference, "Special Operations in Modern Wars and Internal Security Provision."

This prestigious special armaments exhibition earlier known only to professionals due to its specifics received wide world acclaim due to the scandal with the alleged illegal delivery by Ukraine of Kolchuga air defense systems to Iraq. US intelligence forces asserted that the secret contracts for such deliveries had been concluded at the SOFEX'2000 exhibition.

The armaments, which Rosoboronexport will feature, will give a full picture of the export possibilities of the Russian defense and industrial complex.

"Our displays will give full information about special armaments and the widest range of helicopters, the combat and operational characteristics of air defense systems, the armor, multiple launch fire systems, including today's most effective Smerch multiple launch rocket system, modern armaments for the navy. Russian exhibits will also acquaint visitors with detection and rescue means used in emergency situations, achievements in the field of field military medicine," a spokesman for Rosoboronexport told RIA Novosti.

According to him, "a considerable place in our display will also be given to means designed to provide for the activity of special operation forces in emergency situations and for the elimination of the consequences of terrorist acts, and also products related to military and field medicine."

Thus, Russia's Ekran scientific and production association will demonstrate intensive care and evacuation vehicles with enhanced cross-country capabilities designed for the urgent evacuation of victims from the epicenters of emergency situations and urgent medical assistance inside the vehicles. At the same time, the Sredstva spaseniya (Rescue Means) scientific and production center will feature universal emergency rescue vehicles.

The Russian segment of the exhibition will also feature STEL systems, which synthesize ecologically pure solutions for the purposes of disinfecting, cleaning and sterilization, and Izumrud drinkable water systems, which use a unique electrochemical activation method to clean water of any microorganisms, toxins and the ions of heavy metals.

The Rosoboronexport spokesman believes that visitors will also get interested in bulletproof jackets and new-generation slams made of special steel, the promotional materials on localizer containers for keeping and transporting explosive substances and devices, assault operation steel shields, special file shields for the VIP person security service and anti-riot electroshock shields.

"The units responsible for protecting the state border, the perimeters of territories and facilities will be offered the TAIS territorial automated information system designed to monitor and control the environment in the interests of protecting the border and the marine economic zone, and also unique Voron perimeter hi-tech alarm systems," the spokesman said.

He also recommends specialists to pay attention to Barier and Radiy radio wave alarm sensors designed to protect facilities against unauthorized access.

"It is also worth paying attention to Gyurza security systems, which detect border violators with the 100% probability on the basis of changes in the electrostatic field," the Rosoboronexport spokesman said.

The Russian Federal Security Service will present at the exhibition mine-neutralizing devices.

"During the exhibition we intend to organize a number of presentations and, undoubtedly, one of the most interesting of them will be the electronic presentation prepared by the Russian Federal Security Service to show various types of the destroyers of explosives, devices for the safe movement and the disarming of explosives for the purpose of their evacuation, examination and neutralization," the Rosoboronexport spokesman said.

"We also expect that much attention at the exhibition will be drawn to non-lethal weapons: multi-purpose grenade launcher systems and special combined effect grenades designed to exert psycho-physical effect and stun law offenders and armed terrorists," the Rosoboronexport spokesman said.

He further noted that the Kupol Izhevsk-based electro-mechanical enterprise, known as the producer of the most modern short-range air defense systems, will present at the SOFEX'2004 exhibition modernized OSA air defense missile complexes considered to be among the most reliable AD systems of their class."

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