MOSCOW, March 16 (RIA Novosti) - Former presidential candidate Nikolai Kharitonov from the Communists has not ruled it out that the upcoming session of the Communist Party will specifically discuss forms and methods of uniting the left-wing patriotic forces.

"We are thoroughly analyzing the results of the Communist Party's campaign and, perhaps, the discussion may focus on the forms and methods of uniting the left-wing patriotic forces," Mr. Kharitonov said at a RIA Novosti press conference on Tuesday.

He is not going to join the Communist Party, however, and also deems the Communists' unification with the Agro-Industrial Union (APS) to be unnecessary.

"According to its charter, the Communist Party can have no political 'polygamy.' And I am already the leader of the APS," Mr. Kharitonov stressed.

When asked whether the Communist Party could unite with the APS, Mr. Kharitonov said, "The APS is a public organization, and the Communist Party is a political party." "However, when we participate in the elections, we unite, work in a bloc, and I think it is correct," he noted.

Mr. Kharitonov is happy with the results of his presidential campaign. "Our program, the program of the Communist Party, has been supported by people," he said.

The former presidential candidate also emphasized that former Communist Party member Sergei Glazyev, now a leader of the Motherland election bloc, was still welcome in the Communist Party. "Mr. Glazyev was not expelled, he left himself but failed to stand through the political storm." Mr. Kharitonov also stressed that the National-Patriotic Union of Russia (NPSR) had not provided any support to him as a presidential candidate.

"What union is it if it offered neither moral nor political support to the opposition candidate," he said. In this view, Mr. Kharitonov said that the left-wing should unite around the Communist Party, and not the NPSR today.

"The presidential elections have shown that the Communist Party is the only powerful and strong opposition party," he said.

At the same time, Mr. Kharitonov emphasized that the NPSR was important for the Communists, but the problem lied in Gennady Semigin, the head of the NPSR.

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