The Russian Information Agency Novosti begins Hotline coverage for Tuesday, March 9, 2004.


* Presidential candidate Irina Khakamada will hold a press conference devoted to the presentation of her election program.

*The Russian Information Agency Novosti will host the following press conferences:

- With presidential candidate, State Duma deputy, Rodina movement leader Sergei Glazyev on: "The Attitude of Society and the State to Church: the Desired and the Real. Who Orders Information Wars Against the Church and Who Is Bothered by Orthodox Culture in Schools?" - With Political Research Institute director Sergei Markov: "Political Situation Shortly Before the Elections: 'Old' President - New Policy?".

* Rolf Ekeus, the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities will start his working visit to Moscow (March 9-11).

* Russia's ambassador to Ukraine, Viktor Chernomyrdin will make a report in the Russian Federation Foreign Ministry's Diplomatic Academy "The State and Prospects of Russo-Ukrainian Relations."

* The UK embassy will host a round table on the issues of realization of the Kyoto agreement on the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions. Potential benefits of the Russian industry from the European program of trade in quotas on greenhouse gas emissions will be discussed.

* The President-Hotel will host a forum: "Man. Health. Society" dedicated to the problems of Russian healthcare. Its organizers are the Russian scientific society of immunologists and the all-Russian union of public associations "Women's Movement For the Nation's Health."

* The Bolshoi Theater's Beethoven Hall will host a press conference devoted to the coming premiere - "Ballets of George Balanchine" toward the 100th anniversary of the well-known ballet choreographer of the twenty-first century.


* Within the framework of festive events devoted to the 70th anniversary of the birth of the planet's first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, a railway terminal will be unveiled at Gagarin station of the Moskovskaya Railroad.


* A regular round of Russo-Ukrainian talks on determining the legal status of the Azov-Kerch water area (March 9-10) will begin.


* The 19th Economic Forum "European Challenge: Security, Solidarity, Efficiency" will open.

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